Human Resource Statistics


Absenteeism Statistics

   Employee Absenteeism Rates in the United States

    Employee Absenteeism Rates in Canada

    Reasons Employees are Absent from Work in the United States

    Methods Used to Control Employee Absenteeism

EEOC Statistics

    Charges Filed with the EEOC

    Sexual Harassment Complaint

Salary Statistics

    Sex Gap in Salary (Historical)

    Sex and Race Gap in Salary (2001 - 2005)

    U.S. Minimum Wage Since 1938

     State Minimum Wages

Stress Reduction Practices

    Stress Reduction Practices Used by Organizations

Training Statistics

    Dollars Spent on Employee Training

    Training Methods Used by Employers

    Training Programs

Turnover Statistics

    Turnover Rates in the United States

Work Schedule Statistics

    International Comparison of Number of Work Hours and Vacations


These statistics are provided by Dr. Mike Aamodt at Radford University