Hostage Negotiation Videos

Talk to Me: Hostage Negotiators of the NYPD (A&E, VHS, 1996, 100 minutes, My collection)

This is my favorite video on the topic.  The video shows several actual hostage negotiation incidents and demonstrates how hostage negotiators are selected and trained. A bit long at 100 minutes but well worth showing in class.

Talk to Me: The Dynamics of Hostage Negotiation (Films for the Humanities, DVD, 45 minutes, McConnell Library)

In 1993, gunman Damacio Torres shot three physicians at the Los County-USC Healthcare emergency room and took two hostages.  Using the Torres case as a springboard, this program explains the process of hostage negotiation. Interviews with LAPD Psychologist Kris Mohandie, SWAT team supervisor Lt. Michael Albanese, former hostage Anne Tournay, Psychologist John Potter (Exeter University), and FBI negotiator Stephen Romano are included.  This video does not include clips of actual hostage negotiation, but does provide a nice overview of the process.