I/O Psychology in Action

Links to Real World Examples


Chapter 1: Introduction to I/O Psychology

     History of I/O Psychology

       Careers in I/O Psychology

       I/O Psychology Graduate Programs

Chapter 2: Job Analysis and Evaluation

     The O*NET web site

       BLS Data on gender differences in salary

Chapter 3: Legal Issues

        Discrimination at Rent-a-Center

       Invasion of Privacy at Hooters

       A complete listing of state employment laws

       Portal to Employment Law Sites

Chapter 4: Employee Recruitment

       Alice Elliot: A successful headhunter

       Fazoli's improves employee recruitment by going bilingual

       Web recruitment at CEC Entertainment

Chapter 5: Employee Selection

Chapter 6: Reliability and Validity

      A web site that contains interactive formulas for adverse impact

Chapter 7: Performance Appraisal

Chapter 8: Training

        Use of Interactive Video at Captain D's

Chapter 9: Employee Motivation

Chapter 10: Satisfaction and Commitment

       Increasing employee satisfaction at Monical Pizza

       Reducing turnover by treating employees well

Chapter 11: Organizational Communication

Chapter 12: Leadership

Chapter 13: Group Behavior and Conflict

Chapter 14: Organization Development

        Empowerment at Flat-Top Grill

Chapter 15: Stress Management

        Child Care Issues

         Elder Care